Perfect Fit Harness Sets

Perfect Fit

Complete Perfect Fit Harness Sets

  • Modular designed harness allows it to fit most dogs
  • Does not have to pass over the dogs head to put on, ideal for head shy dogs
  • Adjustable in 5 places
  • Additional front ring
  • Suitable for tripod dogs and escape artists
  • Fleece lined
  • Sourced and manufactured in the UK
  • Matching leads available

Size Guide:

Harness Size Suitable for Girth  Girth size
Tiny Tiny dog breeds under 6lbs e.g. chihuahuas 24-30cm/9-12" 12
28-36cm/11-14" 14 & 34
34-40cm/13-15.5" 36
15mm Small dogs & cats e.g. small terriers 32-40cm/12.5-15.5" XS
40-52cm/15.5-20" S
46-59cm/18-23" M
20mm Small strong dogs and medium to large dogs e.g. Spaniels and Collies 45-55cm/17.5-21.5" S
53-65cm/20.5-25" M
62-76cm/24-30" L
74-86cm/29-33.5" XL
40mm Very strong pullers, large and giant dogs e.g. german shepherds 64-85cm/25-33" M
74-93cm/29-36" L
85-106cm/33-41" XL
93-122cm/36-47" XXL