Green and Wilds Antlers

Green & Wilds

Green and Wilds Antler Dog Chews

  • Long lasting and hard wearing chews
  • No additives or preservatives
  • Made with  Red Deer antlers that are shed naturally
  • Responsibly sourced 
  • Green & Wilds antlers are hand washed, cut and sanded
  • Available in original, lazy and fallow styles
    • Original antlers are ideal for chewing
    • Lazy antlers are cut in half for very young puppies, older dogs or softer and lazy chewers
    • Fallow antlers are slightly softer and ideal for older puppies and softer chewers

Antler Powder

  • Contains high volumes of natural minerals and nutrients that aid circulation and improve metabolism
  • Good for bones, muscles and joints, as well as healthy cells and tissue
  • Can prevent inflammation from arthritis
  • Boosts the immune system and reduces cholesterol
  • 100% naturally shed antler from free ranging deer