Dog Groom - DIY

The Ultimate Dog Shop

Services launching Saturday 13th April !

Groom your own dog using our facilities. 

  • Dog wash 
  • Blow Dryer
  • Grooming table
  • Clippers, trimmers, scissors, brushes & combs

Enjoy complimentary coffee or tea. 

Charges : £5 deposit (set against rental) 

  • Rent room by the 1/2 hour - £17.50 for first 60 mins, £6.25 per 30 mins thereafter. 
  •  Extra charges may apply for shampoos / conditioners

When checking availability - please select time slot from drop down menu. 

Don't know how to groom your own dog? No problem, we can show you how, Learn how to groom your dog by attending one of our workshops.... call 01690 711141 or email