Cotswold Wild Mince


Cotswold 80/20 raw mince

  • 80% raw meat and bone, 20% fresh vegetables and herbs
  • Complete raw food diet for active dogs 
  • Developed with a veterinarian and animal nutritional consultant
  • Available in 500g and 1kg packages

Please note this is a fresh product, once defrosted keep for 48-72 hours in a refrigerator. 

This meal should be fed raw and thoroughly defrosted.

Always remember good hygiene, handle like any raw meat and wash hands and utensils after handling.

Puppies should be fed according to their adult weight OR at 10% of their current body weight if the ideal adult weight is unknown

Feeding Guide

(As a general guide an adult dog needs 2-3% of their body weight per day)

Dog Size Daily Feed (grams)

Weekly Feed (Kgs)

Please see our weekly food parcels

Tiny Dog (2-4kg) 100 1.0
Small Dog (5-7kg) 200 1.5
Small Dog 2 (8-9kg) 270 2.0
Medium Dog (10-15kg) 325 2.5
Medium Dog 2 (16-20kg) 455 3.5
Large Dog (20-30kg) 625 4.5
Large Dog 2 (30-40kg) 788 6.0
Giant Dog (40-50kg) 900 6.5