PawPrints - Reward Scheme

PawPrints - Reward Scheme

BudAI Labs CollaboratorMar 29, '19
Earn PawPrints when you join our pack, worth up to 4% discount on any on-line or in-store purchase

  • 100 PawPrints when you opt-in and join the pack
  • 1 PawPrint (worth £0.02 as at 17th May, 2018) for each £1 spent on line or in-store.
As a member of the pack you will also receive
  • A monthly newsletter.
  • Exclusive offers.
  • First refusal on new products and sale items.
  • A monthly statement of your points balance.

We fully recognise your data privacy rights as per the 2018 statute. Our policy is on … You can opt out any time you choose.

To join our pack call us 01690 711141, email us on or visit us in The Ultimate Dopg Shop

  • PawPrint points can be redeemed as part or in full payment for clothing and accessory items, (unless otherwise stated).
  • PawPrint Points cannot be redeemed against food products as part payment. Points may only be redeemed against full food products if the cumulative value of the points equals the price of the product.
  • PawPrint Points are not transferrable.
  • PawPrint Points cannot be transferred.
  • The value of PawPrint points can be changed at any time, at the discretion of management. If this happens, pack members will be advised on the monthly newsletter. PawPrint points already issued will not be affected.
  • Management reserve the right to change or cancel the scheme at anytime.